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Logo usage examples

Main logo

Examples of our main logo in use.

This is the preferred logo for use on a purple background.

Logo alternative (stacked)

Examples of our alternative stacked logo in use.

This logo is for use on a purple background. It can be used if the available space is too small for the main horizontal logo.

Logo tags

Examples of our logo tags in use.

These tags are available for occasions when our logo needs to be displayed on a white or light background.

Incorrect usage

While we don't want to restrict you, please try to avoid the following.

Don’t use our type logos on non-purple backgrounds...

Use a logo tag instead.

Don’t change the letter colours...

If it’s hard to read against the background colour, use a logo tag.

The only exception is for 1 colour print jobs, whereby all the text may be in a single colour.

Try not to use the logo in a small rectangle box...

Use a logo tag instead.