Brand Guidelines


Rather than using fixed rigid panels for our on screen graphics, we have adopted a more flexible approach.

A constantly moving purple background panel moves into place behind text as required to ensure legibility of the text overlaying the video. So if the video is dark, less purple is needed.

It’s ever changing angles and movement allow for a strong background colour, while still providing playful and dynamic graphics.

This animated panel is based on our typical straight box panels used elsewhere in our branding. We've added subtle movement to add more interest and playfulness to the on screen graphics, rather than a static square blocking off most of the video.

Text can appear on either side, top or bottom, to match a suitable position on video footage.

All titles are white, with one key phrase or word highlighted in yellow on the page.

Youtube Travel Guides
Opening title sequence

The opening graphics are kept minimal to portray a stylish cinematic effect within the widescreen footage.

Shots are specially selected to have the most impact and ensure legibility.

Main section title screens

Prominent bold graphics are used to separate and identify each section.

Name captions

A person’s name is always consistently placed in the bottom left using the format of large name on the first line, followed by smaller description on the second line.

The purple panel may appear just in the corner if text content is short as per these examples here.

Information panels

Text sizes will vary upon content and importance.

Location captions

Previous location captions didn’t need colour behind them for legibility as they were displayed for such a long time.

They appeared large to start, before shrinking small into the corner. Instead of this large to small text animation, we will have the text at a single size, with the purple panel animating on for a short time to allow for initial legibility. The purple area can then drift off leaving just the text.

This also means that we no longer need to display it large at the start, as it will already be legible to begin with.


Translation captions have been redesigned to ensure good legibility.

Price labels

Arrow bubbles can be placed at fun angles to match the relevant item.

Yellow colour references supermarket price stickers and provide variety against the other mainly purple graphics.


Redesigned advertisement section.

Youtube Thumbnails

Example of the Youtube thumbnails for the Travel Guides.

Product videos & travel vlogs

These more functional or casual videos will use the same graphic elements as the Youtube Travel Guides, but with a bolder opening title screen.

Title panel

Text size will need to be manually adjusted to never take over more than 50% of the video.

Glimpse videos

While these are based on the Youtube Travel Guide formats, there are minor formatting changes.

Information panels

End Question CTA

Rather than ending on a brand logo, we are aiming to engage the user in a conversation by asking them a question.

Motion graphics support

If you are looking for support on matters of motion graphics and animations, please contact Phil Taberner.