Design Guidelines

Holiday Extras 2017
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Our brand values

These are the Holiday Extras values. They are the foundation for who we are, for who we will always be. They are reflected in everything we do. Made real in everything we create.

We are...


We are great because you are great. Behind every click, behind every call is a human being - we never forget that.


Innovate, constantly. Ask questions, give opinions, find a solution.


Own it. No buck passing, follow your gut.

One team

Take risks, be entrepreneurial, be confident, be different.


We elevate our teammates, our customers, our partners, our community, our environment.

Our mission

Better is a powerful word. It’s infinite. It’s contextual. It’s challenging. It’s individual. It’s why we’re here.

Our mission is a singular statement of intent; it identifies the unique purpose of our company.

Make every trip a better trip

Feel Better

The emotional reward for knowing you’ve got everything taken care of - peace of mind.

Choose Better

The best range to choose from and the best prices, and the information to make a better choice.

Demand Better

Don’t put up with old ways of doing things, we’re challenging the industry to be better.

Deserve Better

The customers’ champion.

Think Better

A challenge, a rallying cry to everyone in the company. Innovate, challenge, find solutions, ask questions.

Deliver Better

The magic is in the details.

Discover Better

Giving people the insight and information they need to get the most from their trip.

Our tagline

So what does this mean to our customers? How does it affect them, and how do we communicate our values and mission in a memorable, unique and authentic way?

This is our primary brand message all our communications are built upon.

Travel better.

Brand personality

With our values, mission and tagline in place, we need to ensure we design our customer touchpoints to project an appropriate personality.

The following principles summarise the tone we’re striving for.

When designing for Holiday Extras, use these principles as a benchmark.

Playful and irreverent

The Holiday Extras brand experience is joyful and lighthearted, with an emphasis on fun - just like the holidays we make better for our customers.

Personal and engaging

Our people talk like people to people. While HX is a team, no-one here hides behind the corporate “we”. Everyone is empowered to offer their opinion, give real help and advice, solve problems for customers and help the world travel better. Our tone of voice is chatty, personal, and a little bit cheeky.

Warm and genuine

We care deeply about making our customers’ holidays better, so everything we do is honest, transparent and heart felt.

Approachably expert

Like a friend who’s travelled everywhere and has the stories to prove it, travellers come to us for expert advice. We know where’s hot this summer, where to get the best steak in Paris, where’s the best place to park at Gatwick and we’re bursting to share it.

Reassuringly dependable

Everything we do and everything we say shows that we are not just keen to help but professional, meticulous and effective in our ability to make every trip a better trip.