Welcome to Holiday Extras

Holidays are amazing, but at Holiday Extras we think they can be even better, so we’re on a mission to remake holidaymaking.

We make it easy, fun and fast to plan and enjoy every trip by anticipating each customer's needs, wants and dreams.

We’re here to maximise your good times by creating products and services to make travelling easy, simple and fun. We protect time and promote wellbeing because after all, life is short and free time is the most precious time of all.

This should come across in everything we do.


We’re Holiday Extras.

Not Holidays Extra, Holiday Extra or Extra Holiday.

Holiday Extras is a trademarked name.

It should never be used to describe the category of products we sell. Use phrases like travel extras or every holidaything instead.

Internally, we call ourselves HX, but to our customers we’re always Holiday Extras.

Our strapline

Less hassle. More holiday.

Always two sentences. Exactly like this.

Snappy Blurb

Holiday Extras makes holidays better using innovative technology, personalised service, and over 40 years of hassle-busting expertise.

Longer Blurb

Using innovative technology and the smartest, fastest and most personal service in travel we bring you great value airport hotels, airport parking, airport lounges, airport transfers, car hire, holiday insurance and UK breaks. With over 40 years' experience, there's nothing that our team of travel experts doesn't know about taking the hassle out of organising a holiday at home or abroad. Whether we're helping remove hassle in person, online or via the Holiday Extras mobile app (which is powered by HEHA!, the super-intelligent Holiday Extras Holiday Assistant) we provide an unrivalled experience to over 8 million travellers a year.