Brand guidelines


This is the main logo for general usage.

If you're looking for a logo to use on a non-purple background, please use one of our new 'Logo tags' shown below.

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Holiday Extras Logo (horizontal)

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Logo alternative (stacked)

While the preferred usage of the logo is as above. We're aware this won't always fit into every space, so this stacked version of the logo is available for use in these situations.


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Holiday Extras Logo (stacked)

Download web: SVG PNG     Download print: AI

Logo tags

Traditionally we have used a luggage tag as a logo. However moving forward we are injecting a touch of variety by having a range of shapes that will be used instead of a set tag logo.

This will be a growing library of logo shapes, so that you can always pick a new one every time you need to use a logo.

The old luggage tag logo is no longer to be used.

Check back soon, as we'll be adding to this range.

View usage examples.

Logo tags


Our brand font is called 'Holiday Extras Sans'.

Fallback fonts

If you are working on a platform where our brand font is not available, then you can use the following fonts, in this order of preference:

'Nunito' (Google Docs use),
'Helvetica Neue',

Further reading

Detailed guidance for online use can be viewed here.


Our key colour is purple, with the yellow used more subtly as a highlight colour.

Colour balance
  • HEX: #542E91
  • RGB: 84 46 145
  • CMYK: 84 99 0 0
  • PMS: 267 C
  • HEX: #FDDC06
  • RGB: 253 220 6
  • CMYK: 0 9 99 0
  • PMS: 108 C
  • HEX: #F0F0F0
  • RGB: 240 240 240
  • CMYK: 0 0 0 10
  • PMS: 663 C
  • HEX: #232323
  • RGB: 35 35 35
  • CMYK: 0 0 0 90
  • PMS: N/A
  • RGB: 255 255 255
  • CMYK: 0 0 0 0
  • PMS: N/A

Secondary colours

Very occasionally extra colours are needed, these may be used.

  • HEX: #DE4B95
  • RGB: 222 75 149
  • CMYK: 7 83 0 0
  • HEX: #F48600
  • RGB: 244 134 0
  • CMYK: 0 55 100 0
  • HEX: #1B7ACC
  • RGB: 27 122 204
  • CMYK: 82 49 0 0
  • HEX: #A030A0
  • RGB: 160 48 160
  • CMYK: 53 88 0 0
  • HEX: #00A99D
  • RGB: 0 169 157
  • CMYK: 77 4 45 0

Brand personality imagery

We are using a witty, original photographic imagery supported by headlines to reflect our fun personality.

This style is to be used for all main imagery.


Our icons are unique to Holiday Extras.

They should only be used as icons, not as key imagery.

Our purpose

Please include our purpose line on all brand materials where space allows.

Less hassle. More holiday.


You can use our styled Google Slides document for your presentations.

Email signature instructions

To help setup your email signature, you can find simple instructions here. You'll be able to choose a logo tag of your preference.

Video overlay graphics

On-screen graphics guidelines for our video content can be found here.

Your creativity

These guidelines are only here to provide a consistent base for your own creativity. Feel free to have fun with it and experiment!

If you have any questions or problems, please get in touch.