Brand Guidelines


We have a range of existing design samples and templates available for your use.


You can use our styled Google Slides document for your presentations.

Duplicate template using 'File' > 'Make a copy...' to enable copying/editing.

Open Google Slides template

Should you prefer Keynote or Powerpoint, then you can also download the template document in these formats.

Download Keynote template Download Powerpoint template

Google Docs Template

If your working on Google Docs, you can use this template to setup your default styling.

Open Google Docs template

Email signatures

Read the simple instructions for setting your email signature. You'll be able to choose a logo tag of your preference.

Video overlay graphics

On-screen graphics guidelines for our video content can be found here.


The structure of our emails allow us to create consistent email newsletter campaigns.

Banner Ads

Our online advert panels bring purple to the forefront, using the bold colour along with brand imagery to standout from other page content.

Campaign adverts

Campaign adverts: Further size variations

Text only adverts

Adverts incorporating dynamic database content

User Interface

We aim to keep a consistent feel throughout our digital UI. Covering the likes of buttons, links, forms and pop-overs, we’ve got a standardised set of tools for designs to be based on.

Pattern Library

Guidance on our user interface elements can be found in our Pattern Library prototyping tool.

Pattern Library