AI Guidelines

Utilising AI creatively

1. AI as a Creative Tool:

When utilising AI to generate images, it's important to remember that the output will be derived from your prompt in a literal manner. Similar to searching for an image in a stock library based on a specific keyword, the AI will provide results accordingly.

2. Supporting Ideas with Imagery:

Reviewing our own library of past images, you'll notice a common theme — an idea conveyed through visuals accompanied by a clever caption or basic descriptor. These images serve to reinforce the intended message.

3. Enhancing Ideas with AI:

AI has the power to augment and enhance your ideas by introducing elements that may not have initially crossed your mind. It acts as a creative tool that can build upon your concepts, pushing the boundaries of imagination.

4. Embracing an Evolving Creative Tool:

As AI continues to evolve, it becomes an integral part of our creative process. It is crucial to embrace this tool and leverage its capabilities to foster innovation and efficiency.

5. Brand Consistency and Originality:

Before publishing any new images, they must be approved by the brand team. This ensures that they align with the brand's visual identity and maintain consistency. Additionally, the images should demonstrate creative originality, standing out from the ordinary.

6. Unleashing Creative Potential:

We are always seeking fresh, imaginative approaches to promote our products and services. When we mention creativity, we aim to surprise and delight our customers with truly original thinking reflected in our imagery.

7. Seeking Assistance from the Brand Team:

If you have an idea but are unable to generate a suitable image using AI, consult the brand team. They will provide guidance on the acceptability of the idea and assist you in its realisation.

Remember, AI is a powerful tool in image creation, but it should be used in conjunction with the brand's guidelines and the expertise of the brand team to ensure consistency, originality, and effective communication.

Have an AI creation ready to review? You can send it for brand sign-off.