Brand Imagery

Our brand imagery is what sets us apart - and where we can express the personality of our brand. We like to keep things S.I.M.P.L.E - that's Surprising, Informative, Memorable, Personality-ful, Likeable & Engaging.

We have a massive library of brand and product imagery ready for use - or you can get in touch to request something new.

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External partners please email for imagery requests.


Guidelines for use

When working with our brand imagery, please follow these guidelines.

Cropping images

If you intend to re-crop an image, please consider if this will alter its conceptual meaning. Please see the below guide for cropping and resizing images in our Brand Library.

Text headlines

The text headlines should be used with all images. Otherwise it's meaning may not be understood correctly.


External use of brand imagery requires approval from our Brand Imagery team.